MolyFit: Milton Weightlifting Club & Strength Training

MolyFit is home to Milton Weightlifting Club, QWA Club Challenge winners with 1st place in 2019 & 2017, 2nd place in 2018, and 3rd place in 2020. MolyFit also offers personal strength training for individuals and groups.

Milton Weightlifting Club Incorporated was established in 2011 and has grown to become the 3rd largest weightlifting club in Australia.

Milton Weightlifting is affiliated with the Queensland Weightlifting Association (QWA) and has hosted many club and state level competitions, as well as Australian Weightlifting Federation (AWF) coaching courses. Club members compete in QWA and AWF sanctioned competitions, and are actively involved in supporting QWA and AWF events both as officials and administrators.

Coaching Team

The Milton Weightlifting coaching team have years of coaching and competition experience.

The two lead coaches are Coral Quinell and Mike Keelan. The club also encourages members to gain their coaching certification and offers intern positions for new coaches to gain experience coaching in the club.

Members are normally allocated a lead club coach dependent on schedule and suitability of training approaches. All coaches are available for training feedback, however the lead coach is a lifters primary point of contact for all aspects of training (e.g. programming, goal setting, challenges). All members not training under a club coach are listed as independent (for their training needs), however are affiliated with Milton Weightlifting when registering with the Queensland Weightlifting Association.

Coral Quinell: AWF Level 2 National Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach

Coral coaches weightlifting and personal training sessions, and has a long history in the fitness industry, especially in strength training.

Coral trains to compete in international Masters competitions and is a current Masters record holder and a member of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) Hall of Fame.

Coral holds a director position on the Australian Weightlifting Federation Board of Directors.

Mike Keelan: AWF Level 3 National Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach

Mike has a long history in weightlifting including competing twice in the Commonwealth Games, working at the elite level of the Australian Weightlifting Federation, and coaching athletes through to the Olympic and Commonwealth games.

Mike teaches the Australian Weightlifting Federation sports power coach courses and draws from a wealth of other experience. For a full list of Mike’s experience, see

Weightlifting New Member Session: Free, 30 minutes

If you are interested in becoming a member at Milton Weightlifting, you will need to book a new member session with a Milton Weightlifting coach. These sessions are for new and experienced lifters that are interested in joining Milton Weightlifting and provide an opportunity for the coaches to understand goals and training requirements.

The outcome of the session will be a preliminary plan for either learning weightlifting or for achieving training & competition goals e.g. sessions to attend each week & level of program required.

Book new member session or contact MolyFit if you have any questions about getting started.

Drop Ins

If you are a Weightlifter visiting Brisbane, you are welcome to drop in to Milton Weightlifting. See pricing for drop-in payment options (includes passes and short-term memberships).



Most members train three to four times per week to work on their lifting technique and strength. Group training sessions include a mix of all age groups, males and females, and beginner to experienced lifters.

Pricing Summary

Standard: $140 | Concession: $125 | Single Session: $25

full MolyFit pricing list (including personal training)…

About Weightlifting

Weightlifting competitions include two lifts; the Snatch, and the Clean and Jerk. Training is focused around improving lifting technique and gaining strength. Examples of basic strength training exercises include squats, pulls, and presses.

In a weightlifting competition, each competitor attempts the Snatch three times, followed by the Clean and Jerk three times. The heaviest weight lifted for both the lifts is recorded and added together to give a total score. There are other basic rules around timing, legal lifts, etc. Weightlifting is a bodyweight sport and lifters are ranked on their total score and body weight. Some competitions take into account other variables such as age (Masters), personal bests, number of successful lifts, etc.

Competition age categories include Under 15, Youth (U17), Junior (U20), Senior and Open, and Masters.

With regular training and good coaching weightlifting is a safe and comprehensive sport for improving:

  1. Strength and power
  2. Muscle tone and body composition
  3. Mobility
  4. Endurance (including cardio respiratory function)
  5. Confidence and self-esteem
  6. Mental strength

Milton Weightlifting Club and the Queensland weightlifting community are welcoming encouraging, and professional. Getting involved with weightlifting in Queensland will bring many opportunities to achieve strength and fitness goals, create new friendships, and learn new skills.

Competition Registration

To register for QWA sanctioned competitions you must be a QWA member and register for the competition at


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