MolyFit: Milton CrossFit, Milton Weightlifting Club & Strength Training


MolyFit is home to Milton CrossFit and Milton Weightlifting Club and is a unique training space that offers a full schedule in both CrossFit and weightlifting under the one roof.

Personal training, personalised group training and nutrition consultations tailored to specific strength and fitness goals are also available by appointment.

MolyFit offers flexible memberships at competitive rates with concessions for students, apprentices, and families (including couples living together).


  • Over 750 sq.m. of training space and equipment including a CrossFit box, weightlifting training area, personal and small group training room, and stretching area.
  • Common room with lockers, kitchen and sitting area.
  • Toilets, shower and change room.
  • Central Brisbane location and onsite parking.


The MolyFit community has many long-term members and has also changed over the years with people moving and travelling in and out of Brisbane. This diversity keeps our membership dynamic, interesting and fun for people to be part of.

The MolyFit community ethos is to work together to:

  • Welcome and respect people of all fitness levels and ages.
  • Help, motivate and encourage each other.
  • Challenge each other to improve while staying safe.


MolyFit’s CrossFit and Weightlifting coaches are very well qualified and experienced with all ages and abilities, from people starting or coming back to a strength and fitness routine to nationally ranked athletes.

MolyFit’s CrossFit coaches hold a wealth of fitness qualifications including CrossFit and Weightlifting certifications, and our Weightlifting coaches are nationally recognised for their qualifications and achievements in Weightlifting.

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News and Events

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MolyFit participates in club, regional, state, national, and international competitions, and these provide milestone events for members of all abilities to train for, be part of, and achieve great results.

The main CrossFit events include the CrossFit Open and a charity event each year organised by our CrossFit coaches.

The main Weightlifting events include Queensland Weightlifting Association and Australian Weightlifting Federation sanctioned events e.g. The Queensland Club Challenge and League Round Events, and State and National Championships.