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CrossFit Liftoff and MolyFit Christmas Party

We had a cracker of a day on Sat December 2 with Milton Crossfit and members of the Milton Weightlifting Club participating in the 2017 CrossFit Liftoff.

As you’ll see from the photos, it was a great event. Everyone had a great time and there were some great results and PBs including:

  • Snatch PBs for Bryce (82kg, up from 80), Ollie (65kg, up from 60), Jaime (82kg, up from 80) and Dayn (100kg, up from 95)
  • Clean and jerk PBs for Ollie (77.5kg), Jaime (103kg), Goose (120kg) and Annie (82.5kg).
  • The highest lifting total in the women was for Annie with a 62.5kg Snatch and a 82.5kg C&J.
  • Highest total in the men was Michael with a 110kg Snatch and a 135kg C&J
  • Highest overall Sinclair went to Mitch with his 105kg Snatch and 130kg C&J.
  • For the WOD (and wasn’t there some soreness the following week!!) the highest male scores were from Mitch, then Goose, then Dayn. The highest female score was for Annie; we didn’t get much more on that front since not many females wrote down their scores.
  • The overall WOD winners (calculated by combining the points from the Oly lifts and the WOD) were Mitch in the men’s section, and Annie in the women’s section.

Top efforts and lots of fun!  Check out the photos from the day!

The Liftoff was followed by a nice little BBQ out on the loading dock.

You can be certain that we’ll follow up in the new year with a swag of other competitions (both weightlifting and CrossFit), together with lots more on-dock gatherings.

Thanks to everyone that joined in. CU for the next one!!