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Uesaka Qld. Club Challenge and League Round 1

The Uesaka Barbell Australia QLD Club Challenge is open to all QWA Affiliated Clubs and consists of three competition Rounds. The Rounds are Club competitions held within each of the participating clubs on the scheduled dates, and Milton Weightlifting Club’s first round is scheduled for this Saturday, Jan 27.

Lifters may participate in Club competitions conducted at another Club’s venue and still have their results included under their own Club’s name.

Milton Weightlifting Club won this event (in 2017, it was known as the JME Club Challenge) beating every other weightlifting club in QLD! That’s impressive! Let’s do it again! Uesaka Barbell Australia will supply a 10kg Ueasaka bar and Uesaka technique discs for each of the Clubs that finish in the top 6. Just log on to your personal QWA account at the QWA site and register yourself for the comp before midnight on Sunday Jan 21 and you’re good to go!

Help needed!

We will have two sessions next week: The first session (women) is at 9:30am (weigh-in from 7:30am to 8:30am) and the second session (men) is at 11:30am (weigh-in from 09:30am to 10:30am). We will need help to run this comp so please get in contact with Tim or Fi and let us know what sessions you can help with. We need people for:

  1. Referees. 3 per session, so 6 in total.
  2. Loaders. 2 per session, so 4 in total.
  3. General helpers. 2 per session, so 4 in total.
  4. Computer operator. 1 per session, so 2 in total.

Please let Tim or Fi know what you can do and we’ll see you next week for the first round’s lifting!