MolyFit: Milton CrossFit, Milton Weightlifting Club & Strength Training

Let there be light!

We still have lots happening at MolyFit, and the gym continues to grow. Welcome to all our new members, both in Milton CrossFit and Milton Weightlifting Club; we’re glad to have you with us!

Our gym fit-out continues as well; it seems like a job that will never end but the results make the work worthwhile. Our pride and joy last week was the replacement of all the old metal-halide ceiling lights with brand new 150W LED SKYPADs!

Say goodbye to the dull, yellow-greenish glow of ye olden times, and say hello to 21,000 lumens (per SKYPAD!) of sunny white happiness! These beauties will really shine some light on your CrossFit and Oly technique, and there’ll be no escaping Dayn’s and Coral’s attention now!!

Added to that, we have shiny new lights out in the car park so together with the new ceiling LEDs inside, we’ll be bright and alert and ready to train happily inside and out, through those otherwise-dreary winter mornings and evenings.

Last night was nice and busy with both the CrossFit and Weighlifting crew getting into the lifting spirit.

You can see more of the action from the (amazingly well-lit!) photos in our newest gallery.