MolyFit: Milton CrossFit, Milton Weightlifting Club & Strength Training


MolyFit is closed for COVID-19 and is offering Stay at Home Challenge 2020 memberships to keep our members moving and to cover ongoing running costs.

The basic membership is $50 per month and includes scheduled online sessions for CrossFit and Weightlifting (using Zoom) and access to Beyond the Whiteboard (BTWB).

Personal training (at a reduced cost) and nutrition consultations are also available online.

We are looking forward to re-opening and welcoming all our members back for training at MolyFit. Thank you to all our members for their support.


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About Milton CrossFit

Milton CrossFit at MolyFit has a great training space with plenty of room to move inside and out, and is set up to keep everyone active on 3 CrossFit rigs with loads of dumbells, kettlebells, bars, weight plates, tyres, rings, bands, benches, medicine balls, chalk and other CrossFit essentials. We even have spare socks!

MolyFit’s greatest asset is our welcoming and supportive community of members and staff.

The focus of the MolyFit community is to:

  • welcome people at all fitness levels and ages,
  • help each other,
  • motivate participation and improvement,
  • and challenge people while keeping them safe.

Milton CrossFit is located 10 minutes from the city (with traffic), a couple of minutes walk from the Milton train station, and in the heart of the Milton business precinct.


*Coached by Ben (all other sessions coached by Dayn)
WL Dayn will coach Weightlifting (see Weightlifting timetable). All CrossFitters are welcome to attend.


Pricing Summary

Standard: $185 | Concession: $165 | Single Session: $25

No contracts and memberships include Beyond the Whiteboard account.

Please see pricing for more options and information.

Beyond the Whiteboard

An important part of CrossFit is realising fitness goals, and tracking your WOD results can highlight both improvements and weaknesses to help direct future goals. The monthly membership fees at Milton CrossFit include the cost of a Beyond the Whiteboard (BTW) account.

BTW is a CrossFit specific exercise tracking application. Your account will be with Milton CrossFit and you will be able to see how you are preforming in different movement modalities as an individual, as a group at Milton CrossFit ,and with people from around the world. Registration with BTW is optional.


Drop Ins

If you are a CrossFitter visiting Brisbane, please drop in to Milton CrossFit. See pricing for more information about short-term passes.

Getting Started

To get started, you will need to attend a one-on-one introduction session with our lead CrossFit coach. This session will teach you the basic CrossFit movements and also how the group classes are structured. Of course, these is lots more to learn in the group classes and the coach, as well as the other Milton CrossFitters, will be there to help you.

Please see pricing for more information about introduction classes, casual and monthly fees, and concessions.

Read below for more information about CrossFit and the benefits of CrossFit.

About CrossFit?

A CrossFit program combines movements from a range of sports including athletics, gymnastics, and olympic lifting into a Workout of the Day (WODs). A CrossFit gym is commonly referred to as a CrossFit box, referring to a space with plenty of function, but not a lot of fluff and bubble. As a beginner there is lots to learn including the movements, the WOD jargon, and all the people’s names in the box. However, CrossFit is an inclusive sport and load and intensity of WODs can be scaled to all levels of fitness. In addition, CrossFit builds community in each local box, and this fosters learning and support of all members to keep improving.

CrossFit Competition

The pinnacle of CrossFit competition is the Games held in America each August. The athletes that compete at the CrossFit Games for the title of CrossFit’s Fittest Man and Woman on Earth compete in competition rounds leading to the Games, including the Open and the Sanctionals. CrossFit boxes from around the world participate in the Open in October (from 2019) and this is every CrossFitters opportunity to participate and rank themselves within the global CrossFit community. There are also many opportunities to compete in local CrossFit box and regional competitions.

For more info. see

The Benefits of CrossFit Training

The benefits of training as a member of the CrossFit community include endurance, and physical and mental strength to keep you moving and thinking well in everyday life.


WODs can include preforming as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) of a set of exercises. With the goal of increasing your AMRAP numbers, you are going to increase your speed and reduce your recovery intervals, and gain overall endurance.

Physical Strength

As well as olympic lifting, CrossFit incorporates traditional strength exercises like squats, deadlifts, bench press, and free weight movements. Your strength will improve along with your endurance, and it does not take long to see your CrossFit scores improve, along with your body composition and overall confidence.

Mental Strength

Maintaining concentration, not giving up, and controlling your form for a solid hour of exercise requires mental focus. You may be surprised as a beginner that your mental strength fails before your physical strength, however this will improve along with your physical fitness.

Being Part of the Fitness Community

CrossFit isn’t just all hard work. There is plenty of time during a workout to get to know other people, and have some fun. Working together on the same goal helps to form community, and before you know it, you’ll be part of the mix at Milton CrossFit.