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The MolyFit pricing structure is very simple and flexible. MolyFit does not have contracts. Payments are to be made one month in advance. Suspension of membership fees are available for breaks that are 2 weeks or more, however this must be arranged in advance.

Milton CrossFit

CrossFit Standard

$175 per month

As a Milton CrossFit member at MolyFit, you can join in with the Milton Weightlifting Club coached sessions at no extra cost. This will give you some time to focus on weightlifting technique. This is only available to CrossFit members when the weightlifting sessions are not full. Please ask Tim, Fiona or Coral for availability.

CrossFit membership fees cover your use of Beyond the Whiteboard (BTW) – a CrossFit specific exercise tracking app.

CrossFit Couples

$300 per month

CrossFit Youth (primary and secondary school students)

$95 per month
Two or more siblings receive a 10% discount.

CrossFit Introduction Sessions

$50 per session (only 1 is required)

CrossFit introduction sessions are mandatory if you have not trained in CrossFit before. They are usually one-on-one and introduce you to the CrossFit movements so you can join in on group classes with basic knowledge of the class structure. You will continue to get help with learning about CrossFit during the group sessions. Please contact us to arrange an introduction class.

Milton Weightlifting Club

Weightlifting Standard

$130 per month (GST Free)
No GST is charged as Milton Weightlifting Club is a non-profit incorporated club with a turnover of less than $150,000 per year.

+ annual membership fees

Weightlifting and 1 CrossFit session per week

$150 per month

+ annual membership fees

Weightlifting Youth (primary and secondary school students)

$50 per month for primary aged students
$70 per month for secondary aged students
Two or more siblings receive a 10% discount.

+ annual membership fees

Youth casual sessions are $10 per hour.

Milton Weightlifting Club Annual Membership Fees

Milton Weightlifting Club annual fees (charged in June) are $80 per year and are used to keep our club equipment maintained.

They are charged to full members that pay monthly fees with the following concessions for students and families:

Full time students, apprentices and pensioners: fees are less 15% ($68)

Families (adults training with full time students): receive a further 15% off total fees.

As an example if Pete and Ali are parents to Jim and Lou who at full time students the fees are:
Pete and Ali $80 each
Jim and Lou $68 each (with 15% disount)
Family total is $296
Fees owing are $251.60 (with 15% discount)

Personal Training (CrossFit, Weightlifting, Strength Training)

Personal training is available with both our CrossFit and Weightlifting lead coaches. Please contact us to make an enquiry and let us know what you would like to learn and improve. You are welcome to try either CrossFit or Weightlifting in one-on-one sessions before you join in on our group sessions.

Casual and Drop In Sessions

Causal sessions are $20 per session (for either CrossFit or Weightlifting and only available for scheduled sessions).


Full-time tertiary students and full-time apprentices receive at 10% discount on casual and monthly fees.

Recommendation Incentive for Full Members

Rather than offer specials to the general public, we offer our special offer to our loyal members. If you encourage and get a friend to join as a full member for 3 months in either CrossFit or Weightlifting, we will give you a full month free.

Please let us know in advance if you are bringing a friend along. This offer does not apply to friends that have been members before and is only available when your friend joins for 3 consecutive months as an individual or as part of a couples membership.