MolyFit: Milton CrossFit, Milton Weightlifting Club & Strength Training
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Our pricing plans and options are listed below.

Weightlifting prices

$130 per month for weightlifting coaching only, or,

$150 per month for weightlifting coaching and one CrossFit class per week, or,

$175 per month for weightlifting coaching and as many CrossFit classes as you can carry.

CrossFit prices

$175 per month for all-you-can-eat CrossFit.  You can also join in on scheduled weightlifting coaching sessions*.

Casual visits

Don’t feel like committing for a month? Or want to bring a friend in to see if they like CrossFit or weightlifting? Casual rates are for you!

$20 per visit**.

CrossFit couples prices

Couples who train together, stay together!  Come with your partner and get MolyFit couples pricing.

$300 per month, which is a saving of $50 per month, per couple.

Kids weightlifting prices

Families who train together stay together too! Kids (under 16) are welcome, and we have lots of young weightlifting members.

$10 per visit for under-16s.

Bring-a-friend special meal deal

If you introduce a new member to MolyFit and they sign up for at least 3 consecutive months for either CrossFit or weightlifting, you get one month free***!

*As long as there is room on the lifting platforms and available coaching resources. Milton Weightlifting Club members have priority on the weightlifting platforms at all times.
**Casual visits are only available for scheduled CrossFit classes and weightlifting coaching sessions. Ask Fi or Tim if you want to consider casual PT sessions.

***Applies only for a new adult, full fee-paying member. You get your free month when you friend pays for their third consecutive month. “New” includes people who have not been to MolyFit ever before, or who have not been for at least 12 months.  If your friend signs up for 3 consecutive months of CrossFit, you get one free month of CrossFit; if your friend signs up for 3 consecutive months of weightlifting, you get one free month of weightlifting.