MolyFit: Milton Weightlifting Club & Strength Training


The MolyFit team are keen to encourage people of all abilities and ages to train, build fitness and strength, improve technique, and be part of the MolyFit community. All MolyFit staff are active members in either the CrossFit or Weightlifting communities, are very well qualified, and work together to provide a wealth of coaching knowledge and experience.

Fiona and Tim Redhead: Owners

Fi and Tim are the owners and managers of MolyFit and have hung around at gyms for as long as they have been together which is a long, long time. From pump class to Taekwondo, they have given everything a go with their two daughters Annie and Kate.

Fi and Tim both compete in Masters Weightlifting and founded MolyFit to help support and build the wonderful Weightlifting and CrossFit communities. Fi and Tim value the MolyFit community, the fun and fitness that keeps the MolyFit community happy and healthy, and the little and big goals that are achieved.

Dayn Sorensen: CrossFit

CrossFit: CrossFit Level 3 Trainer, CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer, CrossFit Football Trainer

Weightlifting: AWF Level 3 National Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach (Intern)

Personal Training: Certificate IV in Fitness (Group Exercise, and Personal Training)

Nutrition: Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics

Dayn is MolyFit’s lead CrossFit coach, and also coaches weightlifting and personal training sessions. He entered the fitness industry in 2011 as a personal trainer, got hooked on CrossFit and has since accumulated many CrossFit and other fitness qualifications. Dayn is one of only 26 in Australia with CrossFit Level 3 Trainer certification.

Dayn loves his work as a coach and introducing people to the CrossFit community and to CrossFit training. He enjoys spending the time helping people to achieve their fitness goals and challenge their fitness limits.

Coral Quinell: Weightlifting

Weightlifting Coach: AWF Level 2 National Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach

Personal Trainer: Certificate IV in Fitness (Specialised Training, Group Exercise, and Personal Training)

Coral coaches weightlifting and personal training sessions, and has a long history in the fitness industry, especially in strength training. In her spare time after coaching, Coral is an hardworking member of the Masters Weightlifting community and holds the position of the Commonwealth Weightlifting Federation Masters Chairperson.

Coral trains to compete in international Masters competitions and is a current Masters record holder and a member of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) Hall of Fame.

Mike Keelan: Weightlifting

Weightlifting Coach: AWF Level 3 National Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach

Mike coaches weightlifting and has a long history in Weightlifting including working at the elite level of Australian Weightlifting for many years and competing twice in the Commonwealth Games. Mike enjoys teaching all things Weightlifting to people of all ages and abilities, and draws from a wealth of experience across coaching, training, and competitions.