MolyFit: Milton CrossFit, Milton Weightlifting Club & Strength Training


MolyFit is closed for COVID-19 and is offering Stay at Home Challenge 2020 memberships to keep our members moving and to cover ongoing running costs.

The basic membership is $50 per month and includes scheduled online sessions for CrossFit and Weightlifting (using Zoom) and access to Beyond the Whiteboard (BTWB).

Personal training (at a reduced cost) and nutrition consultations are also available online.

We are looking forward to re-opening and welcoming all our members back for training at MolyFit. Thank you to all our members for their support.


MolyFit houses one of the best weightlifting clubs in Brisbane! Weightlifting, also referred to as Olympic Lifting or more simply “Oly”, is a strength sport that is included in the modern Olympic games.  While very few of us will make it to the Olympic level, all of us can benefit from the strength, flexibility, endurance and confidence gains that come as a result of taking on Oly lifting.

I’ve always wanted to give that a try, but…

If you live in Brisbane or even if you’re just visiting, come lift with us! If you haven’t tried weightlifting before, give it a go! You will enjoy it… no question about it!

Weightlifting is tricky (especially at first) but hey, if it was easy, it wouldn’t be an Olympic sport! But once you start, you’ll be surprised at how addictive it is, and how much you enjoy making gains, not just in physical strength, but also in form and flexibility, and in mental strength:

  • Physical strength.  Clearly, you’re not going to lift a barbell over your head without some physical strength! As you continue to train, your strength will improve surprisingly fast and with an increase in strength you’ll see not just an increase in Oly totals, but also a decrease in body fat, an better posture, improved confidence, and many other unexpected benefits.
  • Form and flexibility.  You need to fast to accelerate the barbell so that you can catch it high enough to complete the lift and that requires form and flexibility. It’s been said that being an Oly weightlifter is like being an elastic strongman/woman. The brute-force strength that will get you a deadlift (for example) will not on it’s own be enough to get you a Clean.  Your flexibility (and endurance) improvements will surprise you!
  • Mental strength.  Let’s just consider the Snatch lift: You have (in general) less than one second, from the time that the bar leaves the ground to the time that you catch it at the bottom of the squat.  To do that, while you maintain conscious control of your body through multiple pull and push phases of the lift, requires some serious mental discipline! Don’t misunderstand how much your mental strength will improve along side your physical self.

Set your goals… and then achieve them

We have a wide range of lifters: Seniors, youngsters (around 8 years old) and juniors, masters (from their 30s up to their 60s), couples, families, uni students, accountants… and more.  Oly lifting doesn’t discriminate!  Set your goal and then work with the members of your club to achieve it!  Some real-life goals of some of our members have included:

  • Lose weight and gain strength. Everyone does that!  (And for people who are worried, read our FAQ on “Doesn’t weightlifting make women bulk up like men?”… the answer is no, BTW :-))
  • Clean and Jerk my body weight… and then later, maybe next year, I’ll Snatch it! (Soon!)
  • Help our club win the local JME club comp this year.  (Which we did, in 2017!)
  • Have fun getting fit and strong with my family and friends. (Hey, we’re all one big somewhat-crazy family here :-))
  • Get a medal at a State or National Championship. (Which some of our lifters actually do, more often than you may expect!)

At MolyFit, we’ll help you settle in, relax, get confident and strong, and achieve the goals that you desire.

See you at the bar(bell)!